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NDIS Training

Emerging Leader Program

Frontline leaders can be a disability organisations greatest asset or biggest pain point. It all just depends on how they are engaged and deployed. Our frontline leaders are the connectors between frontline and the rest of the organisation. They need to embody the values of the organisation and hold the broader vision. They must be able to share it in a way that’s relevant to their individual teams, who may feel geographically and emotionally disconnected from head office.

Additionally they need to be able to roll up their sleeves and model great disability support. They also must also be able to step away from the detail of daily delivery and identify when documentation and process needs to be updated. They then need to guide their teams through those changes.  

You need to equip your teams on HOW to think not WHAT to think. 

Our NDIS training program has been developed alongside people with complex disability to define what they need your leaders to know. We have also worked with frontline leaders to understand what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. 

A 24 week program containing 40 online modules of 30 minutes each.

The expectation is that emerging leaders send 1 hour a week on these online modules to upskill themselves.

The 6th week of each subject is a full day face to face training, allowing emerging leaders to utilise their theoretic learnings in activities that are relevant to day to day operations.

Class size capped at 12 people to ensure camaraderie and the opportunity for participants to build their professional support networks.

Subject 1: Know the context

  1. The disability landscape
  2. Different types of disability and how they present
  3. Definition of Practice
  4. Risk awareness and management
  5. Positive behaviour support
  6. Restrictive practices
  7. Medical support
  8. Supporting medication administration
  9. Incident reporting
  10. Incident prevention and Management

Subject 2: Understand the self

  1. Strength profile
  2. Understanding biases
  3. Empathy
  4. Creating connection
  5. Maintaining professional boundaries
  6. Conflict resolution
  7. Self awareness
  8. Time management
  9. Prioritisation
  10. Stress management

Subject 3: Managing others

  1. Team profiling – DOPE
  2. Management Vs Leadership
  3. Accountability in the workplace
  4. Teamwork
  5. Onboarding new team members
  6. Managing meetings
  7. Delegating
  8. Coaching and Social modelling
  9. Performance management
  10. Succession planning

Subject 4: Leading business

  1. Values based communication
  2. Authenticity and vulnerability
  3. Writing for impact
  4. Stakeholder management
  5. Quality management
  6. Continuous improvement
  7. Creative and innovative thinking
  8. Applying SCHADS
  9. Fair workplaces
  10. Taking calculated risks

Organisations can enrol individual emerging leaders or can commission a whole program to be held on their premises.

Individual – $975 (ex GST)

Corporate – $9,990 (ex GST)

NDIS Training Modules in our LMS

Use our custom-built new NDIS learning modules to ensure you or your organisation are fully up to date with the NDIS practice standards and delivering quality person centred support.

We have built this NDIS training knowing how the disability sector works, so each module can be completed in 20 minutes or less on a computer or mobile phone.  These initial modules are simple and easy to complete but are tailored to ensure you know the NDIS practice standards.
Our budget conscious approach ensures quality learning outcomes for the individual whilst delivering value for money for the organisation. We will be adding additional levels of more complex NDIS training courses to help you or your team improve upon your quality service delivery.
Enterprise pricing – up to 99 users $3500 annually, 100-200 users $4950 annually, with no implementation costs and within 3 working days your teams will be learning

Fundamentals NDIS Training Modules:

  • The fundamentals of NDIS Support

  • An introduction to the Australian disability sector

  • Preventing violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination

  • Person centred support

  • Safe environment including infection control

  • Risk management

  • Feedback and complaint management

  • Human resource management

  • Incident management

  • Individual values and beliefs

Frequently Asked Questions On NDIS Training Courses

What are NDIS training courses, and why are they important?

NDIS training courses provide comprehensive education on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and equip individuals or organisations to deliver high-quality services to NDIS participants. These courses cover essential topics, policies, and best practices for NDIS providers.

What topics are typically covered in NDIS training?

NDIS training often includes modules on NDIS practice standards, person-centred approaches, disability awareness, reporting and documentation requirements, and specific skills related to different types of disabilities or support services.

Are NDIS courses mandatory for providers?

While not mandatory for all NDIS providers, completing relevant NDIS training courses is strongly recommended to ensure compliance with NDIS guidelines and deliver effective, safe, and high-quality support services to participants.

What are the NDIS practice standards modules, and why are they important?

The NDIS practice standards modules provide comprehensive training on the NDIS Practice Standards, which outline the core responsibilities and expectations for NDIS providers. These modules ensure providers understand and adhere to the standards, promoting safe, quality, and consistent support for NDIS participants. 

Can NDIS training be completed online?

Yes, many NDIS training courses and modules are available in online formats, offering flexibility and convenience for individuals and organisations to complete the training at their own pace and schedule. View our NDIS Modules here or contact us for more information.

Welcome to the Supporting Potential Learning System

Your key to being a skilled professional in the Disability Industry

The Fundamentals of NDIS support 

These 10 NDIS training modules will provide the required NDIS training to ensure you meet the NDIS practice standards.

Available individually or as part of a package deal at only $249 + GST. Contact us for enterprise level pricing.

Safe Environment including infection control

Safe Environment including infection control

Additional NDIS practice standard training courses available

Face to face organisational NDIS Provider training

An easy to use, modern learning management system is one part of the training puzzle when training your workforce. Having face to face NDIS training sessions will help embed those learnings and drive further improvements. Below are our 4 most popular NDIS courses. We offer a range of other training offerings or can work with you to develop bespoke programs to suit your organisational needs.

Connection, belonging and you – Highlighting and increasing empathy in delivering great person centered support

Peer to peer coaching – Maximising a disability support worker’s sense of team to help drive quality support

Frontline leadership – Taking your front line managers and giving them the tools to be quality leaders

Practice standards in operation – Helping translate the practice standards into understandable ways of working according to your policies and procedures