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NDIS Technology Solutions


You want to focus on what you do best – support people with a disability. Not only do you need to save time and money on things that can automate but technology and NDIS software will also reduce the risk of disjointed experiences and missed growth opportunities.

NDIS Technology Systems to support efficiency

A high quality well installed software solution will reduce your overhead and create efficiencies for all staff. A poorly implemented NDIS software solution will cause confusion, increased staff turnover and higher operational costs.

NDIS assistive technology facilitates accessibility and independence for individuals with disabilities, empowering them to engage fully in daily activities and achieve their aspirations.

Supporting potential can help you at each stage of your NDIS Provider software rollout:

Discovery phase (selecting your NDIS software)

  • This phase is surprisingly crucial- Using human centred design techniques we will work with your key stakeholders to discover what are the key issues being faced by your organisation and how they can be addressed with this software purchase.
  • We will ensure you have developed the right project team at your organisation to ensure a successful implementation. We help with NDIS software for small providers and large providers.
  • Our team will recommend three of the best NDIS software options to provide demonstrations and score accordingly to your criteria to find the best NDIS software.

Rollout phase (implementing your NDIS software)

  • Can provide varying level of oversight and guidance depending on your needs, from ongoing project management to expert review and troubleshooting.

Review and Improve phase (Embedding your software)

  • Once implemented are you getting the best out of your ndis provider software system? Supporting Potential can review your implementation and see where you are not using the system at its fullest, compare that to your Discovery phase pain points and recommend a course of action to ensure the maximum benefits are realised.
  • Change management is crucial for systems roll out- we can design a training package to help ensure all your staff are well versed in the ndis plan management software system and are able to use it easily and efficiently. Contact us to learn more about the best NDIS software for your business.

Agile innovation workshops

Do you have an issue that you can’t seem to fix? A project that seems too big to handle or want to involve your customer more in the co-design phase. We have many years of expertise in Agile methodologies that are excellent in resolving and working through these options.

Contact us to find out more.