Mobilise your people


Your people are the face of your organisation to your clients. In every interaction, they’re making impressions about your company. Team members who get encouragement, training and autonomy are more likely to come up with new and better ways of working.

Happy clients and innovation = higher revenue

Leadership Training

Through our vast experience with Disability Service mid-level managers, we know they can often underestimate the challenge of their roles as company leaders. Many have stopped working on themselves. Many are afraid of failure and this leads to a fear of change. Mid-level Managers often stop making progress because “they simply didn’t know how to.” Even when there is adequate support for change, it is sometimes difficult to know what is required to become an effective manager. Our specifically tailored programs can support them to thrive again and be one of your best assets.

Using our bespoke learning management platform we can build you an interactive learning module to help drive change and growth in all your employees.

Culture review and fine tune

Your front-line staff are the representation of your organisational brand and to have a successful business it’s important to keep your finger on the cultural pulse. Culture is hard to define, its that feeling you get, it’s the values and rituals that reinforce the narrative of your organisations story.

Culture has the potential to make, or break, your disability organisation.

One of the prime indicators of a poor culture is high staff turnover. Think about your three best front line workers. What would happen if they were to leave?

  • Does customer service drop

  • Do your clients follow them

  • Do your other good workers follow them

  • Do you no longer have the voice of reason on site and helping guide best practice

The cost of recruitment is only one element, add in reduction in revenue and bad word of mouth and you have a large dollar impost.

We can help. With no judgement and data driven methodologies we can help you keep top talent and weed out those that are sub par.

Organisation Structure and Design

With the continuous shift in accommodation funding models and the constant reviews of the NDIS pricing arrangements, organisations are hard pressed to afford increased corporate overheads. Think differently, organisational structures are the way of the future.

The stats:

  • Many disability organisations report overheads of 15-20% of their revenue

  • The industry is changing so rapidly, it’s had to keep up. 

  • Your staff satisfaction surveys probably show a level of dissatisfaction with ‘head office’.

  • You are probably wearing multiple hats and there are more roles to fill than there are people. Chances are that everyone on your team is faced with juggling multiple tasks and priorities, and responsibility for tasks may fluctuate.

We can work with you to identify the key revenue driving roles and innovate alternate organsiation structures and models that allow the balance of roles and revenue clarity.

Workplace Grievances

Supporting Potential are experienced in all types of workplace investigations, from informal complaints to highly sensitive allegations, we will review all the facts and draw conclusions.

Conducted a workplace investigation yourself, and worried about future external challenges? We can review your internal investigation and the process was undertaken, to minimise potential negative external issues.