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NDIS Quality Roundtable Benchmarking powered by Tendable

Auditing and Quality software by Tendable

Supporting Potential have partnered with Tendable as their Australian disability sector software reseller to provide this tool to help service providers ‘raise the bar’ in the quality of the services they provide through digital auditing.

Are you struggling to define and measure your quality service delivery?

Do you want quality to be more than a tag line and something you can prove in the industry?

Do you want to communicate what quality practice is quickly and continuously?

Do you want to see how your quality service provision compares to other similar service providers?

Do you want to breeze through you next NDIS Audit with limited dedicated prep and panic?

You need to join the NDIS Quality Roundtable and Benchmark, powered by Tendable.

Your teams will collect data as a natural part of doing business. You will then see, in real time, where you may have emerging quality issues.

Each quarter, you will be given an exclusive invite to attend the NDIS Quality Round Table and Benchmark forum. This is your opportunity to discuss the pressing quality issues with your peers. Supporting Potential will also gladly advocate to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission on your collective behalf, providing a level of anonymity. Then the real value lies in your annual Quality benchmarking report. Mapped to each of the NDIS Practice Standards, you will see how you compare.

This is the time to start engaging with like minded peers who value quality. Use the NDIS additional 0.75% funding per hour to get ahead of the NDIS Review changes.

Your annual membership entitles you to:

  • Full use of the NDIS Practice Standards observation question sets (added bonus, this will also fulfill your internal audit requirements)
  • Support to implement to all of your teams
  • Exclusive invite to quarterly quality forums
  • Annual benchmarking report, comparing your organisation to your peers, in relation to the practice standards
  • Automatic updates to question sets when the standards change

Comprehensive pre built question and audit sets to meet the NDIA audit requirements

Supporting Potential will review your existing audit review program and merge with our custom built disability sector specific solution

Efficiencies of pre built digital solution

  • Disability specific question sets and process minimise time needed to conduct audits
  • Question sets pre mapped to multiple standards to simplify build phase and compliance load
  • Audit outcomes reviews to ensure asking the right questions to extract the information the organisation needs

Tailored questions to different department and areas

  • Maintain consistency across the board, but ensure teams only answer relevant questions to limit administrative burden

Best practice guidance for every question

  • Text, photographs, PDFs and links to external systems to increase standardisation of
    expectations and compliance.
tenable audit on phone and computer screen

Our Solution

A proven, technology solution that can support your full range of quality audits and inspections from daily checklists to regulatory body accreditation. Easy to use, providing a real-time link from the front line to management

Front Line and Quality Teams

phone with app

Front Line Mobile App

An engaging and easy to use mobile application for all audits and inspection types

Quality Teams

computer screen

Portal for Overall Program Management

A web portal for managing a comprehensive quality assurance process

Board Management, Regulators

computer screen with graphs

Portal for Analytics and Reporting

A choice of role specific dashboards with configurable access which can be exported to a range of formats to satisfy all stakeholders. Read only access for external desktop audits