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Welcome to The Supporting Potential

Business Health Check Service

NDIS Business Health Check

Your tool to implement innovative and ethical operating solutions that will allow you to be financially viable in an NDIS environment.

As a busy executive, you probably know that things could work better but you don’t have the time to really identify and fix the issues.

How many of the below questions do you really know the answer to?

How much front-line staff time are you investing in quality assurance each week and what, if any impact, is it having on the quality of supports?

How much time and resource is spent on collecting, digitising, collating and analysing information? Could this be reduced?

How much time do your management team spend in meetings that don’t produce tangible results?

How much time do your front-line leaders spend actually leading and mentoring their team?

Are you properly engaging and training your front-line teams or are you creating a burden?

Our risk free approach

● We will spend 2 days in your main office location, working with 2 – 3 of your mid level leadership team.

This will ensure that we can transfer our knowledge and approach to your team.

● We will produce a short report for you, identifying the top 5 areas of potential improvement and the estimated financial savings.

Giving you the tools and structure to have more robust strategic planning conversations.

● We will then present back to your leadership team, an independent view of where you excel, the areas for improvement and the potential impacts of those improvements.

A simple cost structure

Total cost – $5,000 (excl GST)
If you are not located in Sydney, we will pass on travel expenses at cost, without mark up.

If we can’t identify productivity improvements

of 10X the health check fee, we won’t charge you.

Consulting fees only. Travel expenses will still be passed on.