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Navigating the Quality and Safeguard Commission


A minimum requirement of the NDIS Practice Standards is that NDIS Providers have a System that “defines how to meet the requirements of legislation and these standards. The system is reviewed and updated as required to improve support delivery”.  But it can be so much more than this.

A well-developed Quality Management System (QMS) allows you to ensure you are meeting your clients requirements – EVERY TIME.


We aim to answer the question ‘what was it in the organsiation that enabled this to occur’. This will include reviewing your policies, procedures and practices that may have contributed to the incidents occurrence in the first place.

We remain independent and impartial and will establish response options that may be needed by the organisation.

Reportable Incidents

A critical element of the NDIS Practice Standards if how the organisation involved to Participant in the investigation and outcomes. Supporting Potential are experienced Investigators in Disability Service Provision. Our approach is specific and ‘person-focused’.

We ensure the safe participation and full contribution of the potential victim involved in the incident. We aim to understand their experience of the incident and any issues related to a person’s support that may be connected to the incident. In the final report, you will receive clear actions and next steps being developed with the victim.

Audit preparation

The NDIS audit process can be a lot of additional work especially if you don’t have a dedicated quality team.

The NDIS practice standards can be quite hard to understand, especially the core module. They are intentionally written to be broad but the basics of them apply to everyone.

The practice standards also have a large communication focus. You will need to address how you ensure that NDIS participants understand their rights and obligations and your complaints mechanisms.

Supporting Potential can help with your audit self-assessment as well as:

  • Understanding your risks

  • Checking if there are gaps in your policies and procedures

  • Ensuring your front-line workers know and understand your policies and procedures

  • Confirming your front-line workers are participant centered

  • Checking that you address known problems

  • Review any restrictive practices

NDIS registration

Registering with the NDIS can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming. We have successfully registered many organisations and will happily take that task off your hands.

NDIS Policy Suite

Our Policy Suite contains all the information a disability service provider needs to be compliant with the NDIS practice Standards & NDIS policies.

You will also get 2 complimentary access passes to our custom built learning management system and its 10 modules for 2 months.

Our purpose built policies and procedures will ensure you can deliver quality service at all levels of your organisation.  Your staff will understand the NDIS practice standards, supporting you to be in the best possible position to pass your audit.

We also include all the necessary forms and templates to help with service provision, this includes the service agreement, risk register and emergency plan to name just a few.

We will also include a helpful ‘Understanding SCHAD’s guide’